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Aspect Labelling expertise lies in the production of printed and part printed barcode labels containing both fixed and variable data

We use a range of printing methods for our barcode labels including thermal transfer, flexographic and digital enabling us to print all traditional barcodes including QR codes.

Types of Barcode

  1. One dimensional barcodes: where data is encoded in the widths of the bars and the spaces between them, not in their length. We all see the EAN and UPC barcode on retail products.
  2. Two dimensional barcodes: for example, the QR code. Ideal for holding a large amount of data within a compact area.
  3. Coloured barcodes: many colour combinations to suit, we can advise on the best colour combinations to maintain clean, crisp images with high definition for scanning.

Barcodes can be simply printed black onto a white background, or colour coded for enhanced batch identification. Whatever you require, we have rigorous quality control measures in place to ensure barcode definition and readability are consistently high across all barcode labels.

Looking for durability?

We can manufacture barcode labels in extremely durable materials including PVC and polyester. This will protect it against temperature fluctuations, chemicals or outside use. We can also create magnetic barcode labels, please see our warehouse solution.

Seeking to secure your organisations assets

We print barcoded asset labels for ease of identification and scanning. Labels can be consecutively numbered as well as containing a barcode.

Customise your barcode labels

For example, your company logo, telephone or website. Just ask and we’ll sort out a solution for your needs.

Useful information

Aspect Labelling are specialist suppliers of labels in the UK. Prices are available for small requirements (250, 500, 1000) right through to much larger runs (100k, 250k, 500k).

We can accept artwork via e-mail in various formats. Take a look at our FAQs page for tips on supplying your artwork and other common queries. Alternatively contact us for guidance.


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