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John Fisher, looks back on 21 years of Aspect Labelling from its creation. The highs and the challenges of running and owning your own print business!

A cover up

Protecting important data doesn’t just apply to the online environment. Calibration and test data also needs protecting for a long period of time.

RotoMetrics Open Day

I attended a very successful 'Open Day' at RotoMetrics entitled ‘The Future of Print’. Throughout the day there were a number of excellent presentations, two stood out for me and I wanted to share my ‘take-aways’ with you.

John Fisher

Every one can be different

So, you want 5 different label designs, all different colours and 1,000 labels of each design? A few years ago this would have been a costly and time consuming job, generating hundreds of pounds worth of printing plates, not to mention the cost of 5 x complicated set-ups!

Fast forward into the present, the ‘digital age’ and this job has become 'run of the mill'. Digital printing has provided vast reductions in printing time and costs with no tooling (plates) to create. Digital makes personalisation and branding easier to achieve. It also helps to reduce your cost of sales making your products more competitive.

1D and 2D Barcode labels

1D, 2D Barcodes or QR Codes. What’s the best?

2D (2 dimensional) barcodes are designed to contain more information than conventional, one dimensional (1D) linear barcodes. Conventional barcodes become wider as the amount of data required increases because they use only the width of the bars and spaces (single dimension) to read and decipher the code. Conversely, 2D barcodes make use of both the horizontal and vertical dimensions which allows more data to be stored in a much smaller area such as product packaging where space can be limited.

Industrial labels header

The world of adhesives can be extremely technical and a little daunting.  The best advice I can give you is to make sure that you provide us with as much information as possible so that we can supply the most suitable adhesive (and material) for your labels.  Here’s my five tips to help you specify your next printed labels:

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