It's a cover-up!

 Dec 2016

A cover up

Protecting important data doesn’t just apply to the online environment. Calibration and test data also needs protecting for a long period of time.

Isn’t it frustrating when you hand write important data onto a label to find that after time it’s worn off? This can cause a lot of problems and impact the business.

If you are responsible for calibration and testing you’ll appreciate the impact of losing test dates and data. Once lost, this information cannot be retrieved and could have serious consequences for you and your customers.

Write and Seal Labels (also referred to as self-laminating labels) are ideal as calibration and testing labels for protecting important hand written details. Write and Seal Labels will also guard the data against the effects of water, solvents, cleaning products and daily wear and tear. Be careful, there are varying levels of quality, some provide a quick solution but not one that has the sticking power!

Write & Seal Label


Once you have written on the label using a pen, the information is covered by peeling off the backing of the laminate 'flap' and then sealing the label with a clear, protective film.



Write and Seal Labels must be durable and are designed to protect critical data and withstand daily wear and tear. So choosing the correct material and adhesive will make all the difference and keep your calibration auditor happy!

Need help in choosing the appropriate label for your needs? Call me for a no-obligation chat about your calibration and testing labels to keep your important test data safe over time.

John Fisher

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