Here at Aspect Labelling we are asked to find label solutions - ensuring you, our customer, has the best label for the job. Here are some examples of solutions we've provided:

Scenario: "I need anti-tamper security labels to identify car parts. The labels need to be able to withstand a surface temperature of over 100 degrees C."

Aspect Labelling Solution: We manufactured Security Labels using a high temperature, automotive quality, silver polyester with a 'VOID' adhesive. The labels have instant tamper-indicating properties that reveal a 'VOID' message once any attempt is made to remove the label. 

Scenario: A Warehouse Manager needed barcode labels to fix onto racking/shelves in their new warehouse. However, some of the labels were required to stick permanently to the racks but many others had to be regularly moved to different shelves. He didn’t want to spend money on new labels every time.

Aspect Labelling Solution: We supplied two types of racking labels:

  1. Self-adhesive labels for the racks that had to be permanently identified.
  2. 'Magnetic labels' labels which could easily be removed and replaced many times without damaging the label or the racks.

Scenario: "I need a barcode label which can hold a large amount of variable information. However, the label has to be very small."

Aspect Labelling Solution: The small size of the label made it impossible to use a conventional barcode so we manufactured the label by printing a 2D barcode. This enabled 20 alpha-numeric characters of variable information to be printed inside an area 7mm x 7mm.

Scenario:  A tool hire company required a label to indicate that all their equipment had been tested for electrical safety. The customer also wanted to write on the label but wanted to make sure that the written text could not be removed or smudged in any way.

Aspect Labelling Solution: We manufactured a 'Write and Seal' label in a durable vinyl material which the customer could write on using a standard ball point pen. The written text could then easily be covered over with a clear, durable, polyester 'flap' which completely protected all the text.


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