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Protect and track assets within your business or school with durable asset labels. Asset labels can be sequentially barcoded to make tracking your assets easy.

Asset Labels (also known as property identification labels) provide the foundation of every UK company's fixed asset system. For each item of office equipment, laptops, computers, furniture and machinery these asset labels provide the perfect solution to asset tracking.

  • Durable tough polyester - using strong acrylic adhesive to work on a variety of surfaces including textured and contoured. The specialist adhesive coating provides a strong bond with low surface energy (LSE) plastics.
  • Tamper proof - flexible white PVC material which offers excellent destructibility and tamper evidence whilst conforming well to a broad range of surfaces. Labels will break up into fragments if removal is attempted.
  • Void/Tamper evident - with void adhesive. Discourages any form of tampering. If an attempt is made to remove or transfer the label, the word 'void' will appear on both the surface of the product and the label itself, thereby preventing re-use. Manufactured in silver or white durable material.

Keep track of your hire equipment and PAT inspections with our asset labels:

We have always trusted Aspect Labelling to provide secure labels to identify our plant hire equipment when with a customer. We carry out regular PAT tests and need to record the dates on a reliable write and seal label. We find labels from Aspect to be durable and have the confidence they will do a great job. As a loyal customer I am happy to recommend them.

~Lee Moore, Hire4Lower

Features of all our asset labels

  • Polyester and void/tamper evident asset labels can be over-laminated for complete print protection and suitable for both inside and outside applications.
  • All asset labels can be barcoded, either 1D or 2D, and/or sequentially numbered for unique identification of assets.
  • Don't forget you can customise your labels with your company name, colour logo and details. Plus we can cut to specific size to suit your requirements.

Please contact us so we can advise you on the best material for your asset labels. You may find it useful to view our range of security labels.


Protect your event hire equipment with our tamper proof labels:

Audiolink is known for listening and providing solutions with quality service. We found these values were also Aspect Labelling values and appreciate John’s expert knowledge of print materials and process. We find labels from Aspect to be durable and have the confidence they will do a great job. As a loyal customer I am happy to recommend them.

~Philip Heaphy, Audiolink

Useful information

Aspect Labelling are specialist suppliers of labels in the UK. Prices are available for small requirements (250, 500, 1000) right through to much larger runs (100k, 250k, 500k).

We can accept artwork via e-mail in various formats. Take a look at our FAQs page for tips on supplying your artwork and other common queries. Alternatively contact us for guidance.


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