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Industrial Labels from Aspect Labelling are manufactured to withstand difficult environments - inside and outside. Perhaps you need industrial labels to withstand different weather conditions or to be resistant to chemicals. For example, near to hazardous waste or cleaning fluids and chemicals. There may also be other factors to consider such as the type of surface the labels are sticking to and also potential fluctuations in temperature. Here at Aspect Labelling John and Mark can talk through your requirements to ensure we print your label on the most appropriate material.

Over-laminated Labels

Industrial labels are normally over-laminated with a clear film (matt or gloss finish) to provide total print protection. This is essential where additional durability is needed e.g. outside use (weatherproof labels) or contact with grease and chemicals (hazardous waste labels).


All types of industrial labels, weatherproof and durable labels can be barcoded or sequentially numbered for uniquely identifying your product during or after manufacture. This may include labels for asset identification within your UK organisation e.g. computers, instruments & equipment.

Durable Polyester Labels

These durable industrial labels are manufactured from tough polyester, available in white or silver, with a very strong adhesive backing, ideal for difficult surfaces. They are normally over-laminated to provide total print protection against cleaning chemicals, hazardous waste, outside use or constant wiping.

Customised Labels

All these types of industrial labels can be uniquely customised to your own specification. This could include your company logo and product information. You may require a specific size in which case we have over 1,000 stock cutters to choose from.

Useful information

Aspect Labelling are specialist suppliers of labels in the UK. Prices are available for small requirements (250, 500, 1000) right through to much larger runs (100k, 250k, 500k).

We can accept artwork via e-mail in various formats. Take a look at our FAQs page for tips on supplying your artwork and other common queries. Alternatively contact us for guidance.


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